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Peach! Coral! Orange Blushes!

Orange blush has been raving in gal make up for a while now, and the trend hasn’t stopped with ora gal.

Especially with the tough ora look, an orange blush is used often instead a pink blush to get away from the cute look and add a bit more contour and edge. It also looks amazing on tan skin— I don’t know why!

Here are some blog links showcasing various brands of peach/coral/orange blushes- each on different skin tones to cater to all of our followers’ needs.

2 years ago

Rule and Regulations Rant

" Magazines serve as a ‘rule of thumb.’ Rule of thumb is defined as, “A useful principle having wide application but not intended to be strictly accurate or reliable in every situation.” Thus meaning you don’t have to do every. little. thing “most gals” do. “

I completely agree with what Akanee said about gals having a rule of thumb. When it comes to styles like oraora and ane there will always be a set amount of physical attributes that allow those gals to stick out. For example, blonde hair, tattoos and piercings are commonly seen amongst these gals. Though the most important thing about this substyle of gyaru is to have attitude! Thats why you can see oraora and ane gals in track suits with brown hair and they are still just as fabulous and gyaru as, lets say a hime gal.

Not to say any girl can just slap on some eyeliner and call herself ane because she thinks she is “bad”. Much like any other gyaru style you need to learn the basics; makeup, hair, and clothing style before you can call yourself ane.

Overall what Im trying to say is just because you miss minor elements of ane such as tattoos and piercings doesn’t mean over all you cant work hard to turn yourself into a boss.Be confident in yourself. Believe that you are a すけばん(sukeban) and you will well on your way to achieving the style!

Please remember that we’re here to help everyone become more informed on this substyle whether or not you want to be a part of the style or are just interested in it. SO ask questions and make comments. We really value your opinions and input. I really hope this in addition to Akanee’s post help to clear things up.


2 years ago

Debunking These “Requirements” For Fashion

Magazines serve as a ‘rule of thumb.’ Rule of thumb is defined as, “A useful principle having wide application but not intended to be strictly accurate or reliable in every situation.” Thus meaning you don’t have to do every. little. thing “most gals” do.

Just speaking on this blog’s focus— Yes, a lot of girls practicing ane/ora gal have tattoos and/or piercings. Is it required? No. Are circle lenses required? No. Hell, is a tan even required? No! (Looks nice though. :3)

When you read egg or JELLY or SOUL SISTER, its saying, “here’s how some prominent ladies do this style— now you go for it.” 

Your interpretation and guidance from others is the best way to get comfortable in a style. 

Don’t think or let anyone tell you you can/can’t do one of these styles for some silly reason! That’s why we’re here- to help along anyone who wants to practice it!

I hope that followers will keep that in mind when venturing here; we are here to spread more information on ane gal/ora styles because it isn’t touched on a lot.

We are NOT here to write a definitive guidebook that if you don’t follow, you’re ‘doing it wrong.’ We want this style and community to be one of the sects of gal that is initially inviting, so others can enjoy it with us.

2 years ago

"Personally I think its okay to float around and try many different styles. Dont feel like you have to stick to just one!"


(Hope you don’t mind me posting your quote!) But I think this is an excellent statement and something that needs to be encouraged more within gal.

2 years ago
Anonymous Asked: Two questions! First, I have to say I'm curious about that decided non-Asian-looking model who's appeared in quite a few of these pictures! Just who is she? Secondly, I just bought some great boots with silver hardware - am I committing some massive fashion faux pas pairing them with black/gold clothing and accessories? (Is it as bad as black + brown? lol)

1: Do you mean MAD STAR’S Ca-cha?

I’M CURIOUS ABOUT HER TOO— she’s got to be mixed with something! I’ll definitely divulge more and look up some stuff on her.

2: I’d say it’d really depend on just how much silver is on these boots. I own a pair of engineer boots with large silver buckles and still wear them with gold chain belts. The boots are MOSTLY black though— is that similarly what your boots are like? 

If so, I’d say it shouldn’t be too jarring to the eye. A lot has to do with the fact that finding silver on shoes is a bit easier than gold (in my experiences, anyhow). 

Lastly, it has to do with your own personal tastes. This style is so heavily weighted on attitude. In other words— if you like how it looks paired up and it screams ‘ora!,’ rock it! 

2 years ago

Colors According to OraOra

Unlike a lot of other gyaru styles oraora gals tend to stick to about four main colors:
  • Black
  • White
  • Silver
  • Gold
These colors are found in every outfit, from accessories to tops. In most anything these gals wear black is the dominating color.
In my opinion the color limitation just adds to the idea that these gals can look sexy and bad ass with minimal “effort”. Not only that but OraOra is more about the attitude, and how you carry yourself, so there is no need for extremely flashy clothes.

Unless that is you’re branching over to kuronba. This is where the gals glam it up, and show off their super sexy side! You’ll start seeing more use of animal print, bolder colors as wells as foil (shiney) and embellished designs. However you still see them (kuronba) stay true to your basic Ora colors.


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2 years ago

Whats Trending in OraOra Kei (Part 1)

To clear things up, even though the title says these are trending things for OraOra kei, the following can also be used in Tsuyome or Kuronba.

First I’ll start off with your basics. These are things you’ll see in just about any basic OraOra outfit.

1. A flashy belt buckle/belt.
You will often see something as simple as a plain leather belt with a motorcycle style cross on it…

…to something a bit more flashy such as a studded gold or silver belt with a rhinestone buckle.

2. Fitteds (baseball caps) or Mesh Trucker caps.
These once again can be simple hosting only an “NY” symbol or no symbol at all. To being covered in rhinestones with skulls and snakes on them.

3. Leather Bracelets/Necklaces.

Black or Brown it doesn’t matter. I have noticed that the brown leather accessories tend to lend more towards a worn down/vintage look.

Luckily, for us Westerners, all the above items can easily be found in store or online!

I’ve bought all of the above items from ebay!, but if you’re weary about buying from ebay or buying from overseas sellers I suggest you check out the following stores:

Keep a look out for Part 2!

2 years ago
2 years ago

Ora-kei Style Tips: Balance!

(These tips are all purely my opinion, but I do use visual aid to help add leverage to what I’m saying. These are also longer posts, so I’ll be using a read more tag!)

The first tip I’d like to offer is on balance. There is an age old arguement that some gals look more casual than others but still look gal.

Ora-kei is a strong contender in that many of the looks are very casual, but still scream gal to most viewers. What I see is a 2:3 ratio or the golden ratio in their coordination.

As a cosmetology student, we learn about this ratio. It applies to not having your hairstyle over or under-power your facial features. I believe it can easily apply to coordinates as well.

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